Pool Water Purification

Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration is the best way to clean your pool water without draining it.

Fast Turnaround

Our pool water filtration process takes less than half the time of a traditional drain and refill. Get fresh water the same day!

Conserves Water

Our pool water filtration process is Eco-friendly conserving nearly 85% of the water already in the swimming pool.

Removes Impurities

Our pool water filtration process removes calcium hardness and total dissolved solids leaving your pool with sparkling clear water.

Family Safe

Our pool water filtration process reduces waterborne diseases reducing the use of harsh chemicals while providing healthier pool water.

Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration Removes or Reduces

  • Calcium hardness
  • Total dissolved solids
  • Cyanuric acid
  • Phosphates
  • Salts
  • Waterborne diseases

Pool Water Filtration Benefits

  • Recycles up to 85% of your pool’s water
  • Entire process can be completed within 1 day
  • Clean crystal clear water
  • Reduces use of harsh pool chemicals
  • Extends the life of your pool and equipment
  • Healthier for your family

Mobile Filtration Reverse Osmosis


Dwight and Stephanie, just wanted you to know how happy I have been with your services! My pool has never looked better. Even during the hot summer months you have been able to keep it crystal clear! Your service and attention to detail have been outstanding! I would recommend Monarch to anyone!

Glenn and Felicia

Monarch Pool Service is perfect for our needs. Living mostly in Indiana, we have peace of mind knowing that our pool and spa are in great hands. Our pool is always clean and the temperature is always perfect for us to enjoy upon our arrival. Thank you Dwight and Stephanie!”


Mr. Barber – Every once in awhile you reach out and then find via the response received that you have found an excellent company. Put a little more simply, thank you very much for your helpful reply. Phoenix is obviously very well served. We will have a look at Reverse Osmosis companies in our area. Best Regards.


Desert Hot Springs, California